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Upgrade Your Planting Equipment with Big H Ag Supply

At Big H Ag Supply, we specialize in farm innovation. We provide agronomy consulting to farmers to improve their planting equipment, planting processes, fertility management, and seed choices.

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We provide a wide variety of improved parts for applicators, planters, combines and more to keep your operation running.

Soil sampling

We make fertility recommendations based on our years of experience scouting and soil sampling

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We retrofit and refurbish farmer’s existing planting equipment as well as build new planters

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We tailor liquid fertilizer and micronutrient programs to fit your operation

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We recommend and sell seeds with a variety selection customized for your farm

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We sell cover crop seeding attachments for combines, sprayers, and tillage tools

Our customers are progressive farmers. They care about the success of their farms and the future of the land they steward. With products and services from Big H, we can improve your farm and propel you to the next level in agriculture.

Local agronomy consultants

We provide customized solutions to every farmer who consults with us. We want to understand the current picture of what’s happening on your farm before we make recommendations.

Big H’s consultants are not just order takers. We provide customized solutions for every farmer.

We help our clients evolve with the current best practices for successful, sustainable agronomy. We like to say we are on the cutting edge—not the bleeding edge. We test our products and processes before offering them to our customers. If we recommend it, we know it works.

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Seed Sales

Small farm innovations include choosing the most profitable crops and sustainable cover crops for your soil. We are experts in this area and advise our clients on the best seed choices for crops and cover crops.

Our Parts and Products

We work with the best parts and equipment for the farmers in our area. We represent X brands. Visit our Product page to learn more about our preferred equipment suppliers.

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Wisdom from Generational Farmers Backed by Agronomy

Founder Jesse Horn’s experience operating a 3,000-acre farm with his father and grandfather shape the way Big H Ag Supply does business. When Jesse began selling seed in the summer of 2011, it was in the spirit of providing farmers with a better customer experience. Today, Jesse and the Big H team strive to provide innovative products and agronomy consulting that give our customers a competitive edge.

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